About Us

Siam-Solution-Insurance.com  is an comparison online company specialized to search for the best insurance quotes. Not only this, with our experience, we are able to consult with many insurance companies and offer you the best deal. We provide General Insurance for individuals, families, companies and expatriates in Thailand. Travel Insurance , Health insurance , Car Insurance, Motorbike insurance, Accident insurance and specific policy for Hotels and big companies with over 1.000 employs . We offer you our experience because our goal is to solve all your insurance’s problem.

Our company is built on quality service

We work with over 25 insurance companies and over 20 Insurances’s brokers. We can always suggest you for the best condition because we run a complete and easy-to-use comparison insurance platform for all types of insurances. We help you to find the best deal because we are always looking for new techniques to compare insurances and find the best and smarter one for you.


We want to make things easier for our clients and give them the information they really need to make the right decisions. Price is important of course, everybody want to find the best deal. Everything is fine until you don’t need to claim your refund …..but what happen if there is a problem ??? this is the real point. We consult with you to find the best solution that fit all your needs . We check all details regarding company’s insurance or staff’s insurance, suggest you for the best insurance company and suggest you where the agreement should be modified or increased in order to cover the required amount…. this is our job firs at all.