Big Brother – Helping With Your Teenager’s Car Insurance

Tracking down your teenager’s whereabouts any hour of the day or night. Being in a position to discover out if they are exceeding the speed limit, the place and when. Using GPS monitoring software program to discover your teen’s vehicle all the time and the area despatched to your cellphone phone in the form of a text. Sound too plenty like George Orwell’s 1984. Well for some it may also be, however it is a application that is heavily promoted by using numerous insurance plan agencies which include Safeco, AIG and others.

With the introduction of such technological know-how the insurance corporations are searching for ways to lower insurance premiums for teenager automobile insurance. The principal subject for teenage drivers is the fact that ultimate yr over 7500 teenagers have been killed in car accidents across the country. This is the foremost cause that charges on teen auto insurance can be as a lot as the cost of all adults on the policy combined.

At the very least it will provide parents peace of thinking as their teenager takes off in the car. Teens might also now not like the brief leash, however, it is a appropriate way for them to examine good, protected riding habits as properly as getting a discount on teen car insurance.

If you are at all interested in the program, check with your insurance plan corporation to see if they provide any packages like this in order to lower your charges on the teen automobile insurance. These programs are currently in the pilot stage and quickly will be rolled out in a wider scale. You are capable to keep up to 20% on your premiums for taking part in the software and additionally for your teen to take a driver protection course. Find out extra now.

Big Brother is here to assist you with your teen drivers and your teen auto insurance…

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