The Business Name: A Branding Enigma

The different day, I was once using thru a rural phase of Wisconsin (I know… that describes MOST of the state). I noticed a business known as Quality General Products and my first thought-in my pleasant “brand strategist” smugness-was what a horrible, everyday name. While I nonetheless don’t comprehend what they sell, the business used to be wildly popular as evidenced through the cars filling its parking lot. And later I realized that the institution is a neighborhood institution-a real success story.

And then I remembered an article by one of my preferred business columnists, Norm Brodsky, from Inc. magazine, which simply ticked me off. Brodsky gave some real-world examples to provide an explanation for his thesis about the “non-importance” of commercial enterprise naming. I was so agitated by what I was convinced was once misinformation being proffered on an unsuspecting entrepreneurial audience, that I dashed off a strongly worded letter to the editor.

As I looked at this business, with its parking lot full and its reputation in the area soaring, I idea back to Brodsky’s article and wondered if he should be right after all.

But a desirable enterprise or product title can make the job of advertising less complicated by doing some of the work for you. A short, memorable identify is frequently extra “sticky” than an uninspired identify or a long-winded, descriptive name. A desirable name can additionally construct buzz. Would Google have made as large a splash in the media and via phrase of mouth if the ubiquitous search engine have been referred to as Innovative Search Engine, LLC? I don’t assume so. One thing’s for sure: it would have by no means emerge as the verb it is these days (“I’ll just ‘Google’ that… “)

After all, in accordance to marketing guru and author, Jeffrey Fox, “Naming your business or product is one of the most essential advertising and marketing activities you may ever interact in.”

Further, a well-thought-out identify can role your commercial enterprise in the marketplace and help differentiate it from the competition. The Apple pc sitting in the front of me as I write this is positioned-by its name, the company personality, and the purposeful graph of the unit-as a fun, easy-to-use, personal computer, which is flawlessly aligned with its company promise of “Think Different.” The suggestive name, Apple, positions the pc in the thought of the patron or prospect as something, well, different.

While suggestive naming is not for each and every business, explanatory names, concocted names, and experiential names are all choices that be viewed earlier than putting out your shingle with the first handle that pops into your mind.

Before settling on a title for you business or product, ask if your name “-able”.

Memorable: Can your target market recall the name after seeing it simply once?
I lately saw a industrial for an e-commerce options provider, and I was once fascinated in their offering. Their price proposition used to be one I should use in my very own commercial enterprise and I desired to be aware of more. The problem was, I should now not have in mind the identify of the company. I didn’t even have a partial clue so I could “Google” it and hope to recall it through search. I waited 4 days before I caught the commercial again, and then I had to jot it down because it was so forgettable. (BTW, the identify of the enterprise is Volusion.)

Pronounceable: Is your title effortless to say?
I remember the first time I noticed the name of insurance giant Allianz. I was once satisfied that the creators of this identify were enjoying off the phrase “alliance” and so for countless years, I notion of it as “a-LI-anz”. One day, in a boardroom full of high-powered executives, Allianz was being mentioned as a manageable sponsor worth dating and I blurted out the title as I notion it was pronounced. Imagine my embarrassment. In case I’m no longer the only one in corporate America who isn’t always aware, it is reported “al-i-ANZ”.

Available: Is your new title clear in trademark and URL searches?
I used to be currently working with a customer to increase a extraordinary new name, and while it was once free and clear as a trademark, the URLs-and virtually each feasible generation of the name-were already taken with the aid of active companies and domain squatters. In order to make it client friendly, we ended up adjusting the name so that we may want to snatch a URL that was once less complicated to recall and more conducive to search.

So whether your enterprise is weakly named-like Quality General Products-or you have a more creative answer to the naming conundrum, understand to make it “able”.

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