The Crash For Cash Scandal – Calls For More Action

The recession has led to an improved variety of accident claims – both legitimate and bogus.

The insurance provider, Norwich Union noticed a 30 per cent extend in the wide variety of fraudulent claims being filed final yr in contrast to the yr before.

Despite the police working together with insurers to crack down on crash for money fraudsters, the quantity of human beings faking accidents to get hold of compensation is nevertheless rising.

A developing variety of motorists have been risking their lives and the lives of others with the aid of inducing road accident, deliberately manoeuvring their automobiles in order to reason an ‘accident’ with harmless drivers.

Others have been staging accidents the place a collision is set up with the aid of each drivers who damage the vehicle deliberately by using hammers and other tools and declare that the harm have been induced as a end result of the accident.

Fraudsters also fill the car with ‘victims’ who act as though they have suffered from whiplash as a result of the accident, in order to receive extra compensation for their personal injuries.

Claims fraud supervisor Scott Clayton, at Zurich Insurance said: “As nicely as a couple of passengers, all of whom claim accidents such as whiplash, claims can be inflated by means of high payments for courtesy automobiles and repairs. A apparently minor bump can inflate into a 50,000 pound bill.”

Since July 2006, the Insurance Fraud Bureau and the police, have together caught over 300 crash for money fraudsters from a quantity of areas.

Fraud manager, Mihir Pandya at Allianz Insurance mentioned that the Bureau “has accelerated collaboration with the police.”

Calls for extra forces

However, the Insurance Fraud Bureau is now calling for more police forces to crack down on the criminals despite figures from the Bureau have revealing that the crime has fallen by way of 11 per cent over two years.

According to the firm, insurers and the police forces have been working in areas such as Luton, Harrow, north-west London and Walsall which have proven a decline in the number of crash for cash scams, but the crime is rising in different areas such as Liverpool, Halifax and Ilford, and Barking.

Richard Davies, the deputy chairman and fraud supervisor at Axa Insurance, referred to that they need police assist to goal the more recent gangs.

He said: “We focused some of the biggest gangs first, however new ones are emerging all the time and we can solely combat them with the assist of police.”

As a result, insurers and the police force are urging drivers to be alert when worried in an accident.

Clayton stated: “Our combat relies on having excellent evidence and that is the place drivers can help us. If you experience it is protected to do so then snap a couple of pix of the incident on your cellular smartphone and as many details as you can of the different vehicle. Also verify how old the different driver was once and what they regarded like. Note down how many passengers have been in the other automobile and what exactly was once damaged.”

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