Top 5 Innovative IT Insurance Services


While insurance plan is not recognized as an extraordinarily modern or interesting industry, new technological know-how has created a platform for a wide variety of interesting insurance plan data science (IT) services for each customers and insurance providers. Here we furnish an overview of the pinnacle 5 revolutionary IT insurance plan services.


Pay-as-you-drive insurance plan calculates premiums in accordance to an individual’s driving profile, moneymaking impervious riding whilst tracking and increasing premiums on risky using styles. Drivers who constantly speed, brake abruptly or force in awful weather prerequisites (e.g. snow, rain) find themselves paying greater premiums than these who follow the policies of the road. A “black box” device installed in the automobile tracks key parameters of the trip and transfers the records to the insurance plan company, who then regulates the premium rate.

Some insurance plan groups already supplying simplified versions of Pay-as-you-drive solutions:

Allianz Lloyd Adriatico
Companies such as Accenture are intensively lookup this theme to be in a position offer new solutions.


Online insurance plan quote platforms, such as Kanetix, all provide get admission to to a constrained number of insurance plan providers, allowing buyers to analyze only a subset of prices, which are based totally on the insurance provider’s data.

Social benchmarking of insurance plan premiums offers independent, consumer-generated information throughout all insurance providers. As customers share facts about their insurance plan spending, they can get entry to the collective ride of different consumers, figuring out if they pay too tons and who provides the great expenses for friends with a comparable insurance plan profile.

An example of such a carrier is the InsurEye Peer Comparison tool, which covers now not only spending statistics for online insurance plan products (20%-30% of the complete market), but additionally for insurance plan provided directly through insurers, brokers, and agents.


Online banking has emerge as the norm, but online insurance plan management? Personal banking finance management tools and different useful on line IT offerings are available for consumers for free. Finally, the insurance plan industry has commenced to shut the gap. Now many insurance companies provide on-line and cellular tools to assist customers to control their policies and supply consumer support. One example is TD Insurance, which presents an on line service allowing clients to perform many duties on their own, removing the need to call a service line. Examples of such duties are:

Modify contact information
Modify a auto policy
Modify a Home Policy
Modify a fee plan
File a claim
A quantity of insurance plan companies each in Canada and the United States provide such tools for their clients e.g. TD Insurance, Nationwide, USAA, and more.


Collisions do not occur while you are sitting at domestic in the front of the computer. Instead, many insurance plan groups have developed options to help clients deal with their collisions and claims conditions on their cell devices. Typical instance of cellular software offers clients many available functionalities decreasing headaches in case of an accident. A usual set of points for such an IT solution includes:

List of pointers in case of an accident
Capture all required accident info (incl. photos)
Find / order towing service
Find a restore shop
Initiate a declare process
Check declare status
Find an insurance agent
Such apps are generally free and users can begin the usage of them without delay after downloading from an app store. Especially beneficial is the capacity to take a photo of an accident to file what precisely befell and estimate the achievable degree of damage.


If you’ve got ever had a road accident, you clearly know the vary of emotions you experience: fear for the own fitness and these who are in the car, concerns about financial influence on future insurance premiums, no longer being sure what to do and in what order, dealing with police, towing services, any other vehicle driver etc.

Some companies, e.g. RBC Insurance, have so-called Road Angels – insurance plan experts who bodily arrive at the accident place to guide the customer.

Instead of sending an agent to a scene, IT insurance offerings ought to potentially supply lengthy distance help through video. Modern smartphones are capable of transmitting two-way video, making it viable to exhibit an insurance expert what has happened, and at the same time making the patron feel greater secure.

Videoconference companies such as Skype already provide these technical functionalities, and Apple has FaceTime, a new video chat for its iPhone users. It’s likely only a remember of time before this science outcomes in a mature IT insurance plan service.

Alex Saltykov and Jessica Mineau

Alexey is a Co-Founder and CEO of InsurEye Inc Alex spent years advising insurance plan purchasers each in North America and Europe whilst he was once working for one of the main management consulting companies. His areas of know-how are insurance, innovation, IT and operations.

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