Australian Visitor Visa For Thai Applicant

Undeniably, Thais are slowly getting enamored with the unique appeal of Australia as their new liked holiday destination. A visit to Australia to discover academic and employment potentialities while checking the opera house in Sydney on the facet or hopping with the kangaroos in Tasmania for the extra adventurous ones or to meet with their Australian buddies or boyfriends and relatives or in reality to journey the Down Under aspect of existence are some of the compelling motives Thais love to go to Australia for a holiday.

However, it is in no way easy to recognise this design specially in the case of ordinary Thais who need to undergo the visa utility process to be capable to enter Australia for a visit. Admittedly, the visa utility is a complicated system specifically for first time applicants who are no longer familiar with the procedure.

Tourist Visa types

As Thais are precluded from making use of Electronic Travel Authority, an Australian visitor visa equivalent that can be utilized on line or prepared via travel dealers and airlines, they are left with the option to do the traveler visa software the regular way. In particular, Thais are qualified to observe traveler visa below the following tourist visa subclasses: Tourist visa (subclass 676) – This is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia for both three, six or even a year. Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679) – This visa is for these who wish to visit their household or family in Australia for a most remain period of 12 months. This requires formal sponsorship from the Australian citizen or everlasting resident visited.


Just like when applying for visitor visas for different countries, the Australian tourist visa ordeal entails meeting specific necessities to be granted the visa. The Australian authorities would like to make positive that the visa applicant is coming returned to his domestic united states after his allowed go to to Australia so it is critical proving your sturdy ties with Thailand. Your ties with Thailand can be in the structure of your stable employment, property and properties, savings accounts and dependents. These ties need to be properly set up and documented to be stated with the aid of the embassy. Apart from these ties, the visa officer will also be looking at the applicant’s financial position. Are you financially succesful of aiding yourself throughout your continue to be in Australia? Or if you are going there via the sponsorship of your Australian buddy or relatives, are your sponsors financially secure to cope with your costs and supply you lodging when you get there? For this requirement, you need to exhibit savings account or income statement, financial institution statements and other proofs of your financial capability. Your sponsor will also want to declare his want to sponsor you with the aid of subjecting himself to monetary test up through the AUS government. This is section of his making the formal sponsorship process. Finally, it is constantly excellent to include a replica of your itinerary in your software to show the officer your clear reason of stay in the country.


For the everyday visitor visa otherwise known as subclass 676, the normal visa procedure applies. The visa applicant fills out the shape and offers documentations in aid of his or her application. The documentations encompass his itinerary, financial savings account, passbooks, and property title deeds, health insurance, amongst others. Once the entirety is ready and complete, he can go to the Australian embassy and inn his visa application. A corresponding visa utility charge is expected. The embassy takes 5-10 working days to system your visa application. Applicants underneath Sponsored Visitor Visa, on the other hand, observe a greater exact system for the visa application. It entails two steps as follows: Step 1 – The applicant fills out the software form and sends this along with relevant aiding documentations to his Australian sponsor. Step 2 – The sponsor fills out the sponsorship shape and then submits this along with all visa software forms, documentations. The sponsor will also pay the visa software in behalf of the visa applicant being backed It be referred to that purposes by sponsorship can be lodged at the nearest Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) office. Normally, visa functions are processed in the state or territory the place the sponsor lives. It takes 6 weeks to method this visa type however can take longer depending on your circumstances.

Post Visa application

If your visa is approved, a visa label will be stamped on your passport containing visa details and conditions. You should be cautious about these small print and ask the officer if there’s a detail which isn’t clear to you. If your visa is no longer approved, the embassy will send you a refusal letter detailing the reasons for the refusal, your review rights and the closing date for lodging an enchantment (if applicable).


Frankly speaking, you can do the Australian Tourist Visa software system with the aid of yourself. However, if you are not confident that you are doing the right issue because you don’t clearly recognize the process and the requirements, it is just prudent to enlist the offerings of a authentic visa agent to help you. The visa agent shall be capable to help with the suitable way of doing it thereby growing the chances of your visa software getting approved.

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