Buying Your Retirement Home in Thailand

Thailand has long attracted overseas buyers over the past decades, and for many, their most necessary investment has been a excursion or retirement home. Cities and hotel facilities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Ko Samui, Pattaya and Hua Hin have drawn tens of lots of retirees, who have purchased holiday or retirement homes, condominiums, and seaside bungalows.

It is essential when making such an vital funding that you apprehend the felony issues and formalities, failing which your investment would possibly be in some jeopardy.

This article offers with the purchase of land & house; a 2d article will deal with the laws and methods regarding condominiums in Thailand.


The main trouble we have to take observe of is the truth that Thai law typically prohibits foreigners from proudly owning land in Thailand. The only sizeable exception relates to foreigners willing to invest THB forty Million (GBP 830,000., US$ 1.2 Million, Euros 1 Million) or extra in sure investments, who may be granted permission to own one rai of land (_____sq. m./ _____acres) on which they can build a residence.

As this choice does no longer go well with most investors, the picks that are most famous consist of the following:

Purchase of land the usage of a property maintaining company;
Purchase of land the usage of a Thai nominee as the sole owner;
Land hire or other comparable rights mechanisms (“superficies”, “usufruct”).
The most dependable and popular choice is to create a keeping business enterprise that in turn will personal the land. Although nominal Thai co-investors are required as phase of this arrangement, agreements and voting rights are put in vicinity that insures criminal manipulate by using the foreign investor.

Alternatively, we can keep away from the holding enterprise structure in the following way: your Thai spouse–or nominee of your choice–takes legal ownership of the land, and you are in turn granted permission to build your home on the land and live on the land for the the rest of your herbal life.

All of these selections are recognized utterly in Thai law, as documentation is filed at the Thai Land Department outlining your function and rights to the property.

To insure that you wholly recognize the property legal guidelines and regulations in Thailand, however, it is essential that you seek advice from a prison marketing consultant to correctly set up the required formalities.

For similarly information, you might also contact the writer of this article, Mr. Phillip Venne, at G.A.M. Legal Alliance, Bangkok, Thailand; contact important points are below.

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