Retirement in the Philippines Vs Thailand Vs Malaysia

Retirement Visa


The most important qualification is at least 800,000 Thai Baht (which is approx $22,241) in pension or financial savings or a aggregate of the two. It is on hand solely for these 50 & above.

You want to exhibit a bank account with this quantity or shortfall deposited if your pension would not meet the required annual level. In order to have a bank account you have to show a apartment contract from your residence.


Retirement Option and their Required Time Deposit

1. With Pension – 50 years. Old and above – the required time savings is US$10, zero plus a month-to-month pension of US$800.00 for a single applicant and US$1,000.00 for couple

2. Without Pension

35 to 49 years historic – US$50, 0 time deposit

50 years ancient and above – US$20, zero time deposit

This can be used to buy a Condo or used as lengthy term rent of a House.

For extra information see Philippine Retirement Authority


The MM2H program

Requires that a constant credit of RM300,000 (approx $98,700) is positioned in a Malaysian bank. Half of that can be withdrawn to buy a house, scientific insurance or kid’s education costs after a duration of 12 months.

A minimum stability of RM150,000 from second 12 months onwards is also required and maintained in the course of the remain in Malaysia beneath this programme.

The Philippines comes out very nicely specifically versus the Malaysian MM2H monetary requirements

Right to residence as partner of a citizen:


A character married to a Thai is eligible for a three month Non-Immigrant Category B visa, extendable up to one year. Proof of 400k Thai Baht (approx $10,000) in a Thai bank, or overseas profits or pension to the value of 40,000 baht ($1,100) per month is required. The earnings can be blended husband and wife. This is then renewed every year.


The applicant should be married to a Malaysian for a minimal period of 5 years.

Foreign Spouses with Malaysian Families, are eligible to practice for everlasting residence, after they have been on 5 x 1yr lengthy time period social pass.


As the partner of a Philippine citizen you are entitled to avail of the Balikbayan Program granting a Visa free continue to be of 12 months

Married to a Philippine citizen entitles you to follow for everlasting residency below the non-quota Section thirteen Visa

Processed in The Philippines, a Section 13 house Visa is in 2 parts with a 1 year probation & permanent residence granted at the give up of that period. Total cost round $340

It simply seems from the above options, that the Philippines makes it tremendously simple for people to retire here or if married to a Filipino, I can communicate from experience, to how easy it is to grow to be a everlasting resident.

These are just ‘snapshots’ and complicated subjects such as Immigration require more checking. If any above comments are inaccurate in any way, please inform me & I will fortunately correct it.

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