Travel Horror Stories – Six Tales That Will Make You Glad You’ve Got Travel Insurance

Tempted on skipping your tour insurance plan this year? Think again! With cheap excursion insurance widely handy online and normally including only a few pounds to the fee of your trip, there may be honestly no excuse not to purchase it. If you are nevertheless no longer sure, here are six stories that might help to alternate your mind – occasionally destiny conspires against you in a mainly nasty way…

Look Out Below!

Here’s a story to make your pores and skin crawl! A traveller in South Mexico had the misfortune to be the victim of a fly that lays its eggs in dwelling flesh. The eggs hatched into four worms underneath the pores and skin – three of them had been removed easily by a doctor, however the ultimate one was proving extra problematic. The innovative physician cautioned leaving a piece of meat on the leg next to the wound – sure enough, six hours later the worm had been tempted 1/2 way out and should be removed entirely. Medical fees that are claimed on tour insurance plan commonly aren’t as grisly as this!

Scorpion Stowaway

Despite the rigorous protection at airports nowadays, occasionally something slips through. A penknife forgotten at the backside of the bag, a tube of toothpaste that is over the rules limits for liquids…or even a scorpion hiding in your backpack! On a flight from Miami to Toronto a tiny stowaway crawled out of someone’s backpack and stung any other traveller. One can solely hope that the unfortunate traveller had excursion insurance plan to cowl their scientific bills and the possibly prolong to their flight!

Legless at the Airport

British Airways body of workers were left purple faced after losing a New Zealand woman’s prosthetic leg…especially on the grounds that she was once traveling to compete in the world athletic championships for the disabled. That’s the variety of personal item that you genuinely desire your less expensive excursion insurance plan to cover!

House trained Police?

Sometimes threats to a traveller’s health, wallet, and sanity can come from the most surprising sources – two police dogs at an airport in Thailand have been suspended from responsibility for making “sexual advances” on passengers and then urinating on their luggage. It can also sound like simply a funny story, however without low-cost vacation insurance plan the passengers would have to shell out for the substitute garments and bags themselves – or put up with some decidedly horrific smelling undies for the rest of their trip…

A Victim of Intrepid Pickpockets or Just the Laws of Physics?

A fearful traveller in Barcelona was warned that muggers and pickpockets have been rampant along Las Ramblas, so before venturing out she filled her underclothes with $1500 in Travellers Cheques. Naturally, before the day used to be out they had all disappeared, whether it used to be into the fingers of particularly adventurous pickpockets or truely down the legs of her trousers will never be known.

The $150,000 Tick Bite

You must never underestimate the value of even the most minor vacation mishaps, as an unfortunate hole 12 months traveller in America discovered out to his peril. Bitten by way of a moose tick, he then developed Lime’s Disease, a very unsafe condition that can lead to heart assaults and strokes. Several weeks in sanatorium meant that he overlooked his flight again home, but happily his travel insurance included the cost of the scientific payments and a alternative ticket – estimated to complete over $150,000.

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Journey’s Travel. Their business tour insurance plan website, Insuremore, provides inexpensive vacation insurance and a rapid and effortless on line claims feature.

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