Stirring Up a Hornets Nest – Thai Nam Prik Dip Made With Giant Wasp Larvae

Today we turn into baby-killers, and chomp into Giant hornet larvae – the immature giant wriggling kiddies of the black & orange wasp that lives in hives excessive in the treetops of North Thailand.

The wasp in query is referred to as “dua dtor” in Thai language, and the plump wriggling toddlers that we are about to squash into gastronomic bliss seem a bit like an Australian witchetty grub or a New Zealand huhu grub.

Similarly, they can be eaten raw, or tossed in a wok until crispy and fried salt and pepper style.

The uncooked grub is an OK taste.

Apart from getting your head around the ‘fat white grub’ aspect, they virtually taste and sense a bit like bland mashed potato. Like mashed potato, dipping in a little salt is a high-quality go if you choose to liven up the taste.

I wasn’t so impressed with them raw, in the main due to the texture. It did not make me crave more. But when it was made into a Northern style ‘nam prik’ dip with charcoal roasted chillies, I have to say it was once exceptionally rattling good.

I was rolling balls of sticky rice greedily and scooping out dollops of the ‘tasty grub’ with no shame. The nest appears like a beehive made of cardboard, considered beneath a magnifying glass.

I used to be questioning about the nasty black nest, and why the hell nobody gets nailed whilst they are out grabbing their waspy dinner. These horrific boys DO have a effective sting that can kill you, so it will pay now not to piss them off.

The secret is in getting a long stick with a wee fireplace on the quit of it and semi-burning the wasp nest. If I used to be a massive hornet, I’d takle exquisite exception to this, however it seems to work for the gatherers.

The miffed wasps who escape the hearth dissipate, and the burnt nest receives pulled down with any closing wasps dead. The ones who are out searching come lower back to a nasty surprise of discovering their residence now not solely burned down – but also stolen.

Wasps do not have insurance, nor do they have a car to get home in. They cannot be completely satisfied when they see the lacking nest. Just what we need. Irate wasps.

I’d think about that after a tough day of flying round barren orchards looking for food or prey, the ultimate thing they want do do when they get domestic is construct a new house or seem for a substitute family.

Perhaps if they had a nagging wife though….. Never mind. The best way to go about obtaining this luxurious is to whip down to the makeshift street- market.

When some brave soul has located a wasp nest and needs to pocket the well-deserved cash, they tend to sell them in the local ‘baan’ or village. For a piece the measurement of two cigarette packets, it costs around 40 baht, which is around $1.20.

Here’s the recipe, which you can additionally do with huhu grubs and witchetty grubs. You should do it with bee larvae too, however they are a lot smaller, and it would be a hassle to get them out of the honeycomb.

Giant hornet larvae – raw
Large Thai chillies (red or green)
Skewer the chillies complete and roast them over gas flames or charcoal till the skins blister and blacken
Crush them in a mortar and pestle with a little salt
Add in the hornet larvae
Crush them up.
Serve with sticky rice. Roll the sticky rice into balls, dip it into the nam prik – and it truly is it.

Delicious actually, nearly like a smoky eggplant dip (Think babaganoush!)

It even appears like an eggplant dip. This is one of the insect dishes that is clearly great.

Packed full of energy, this is a extremely good tasting dish with an exceptional texture and mouth-feel and do need to get your head round the reality you are consuming computer virus babies.

I have photos on the unique weblog posting so you can see the entire process, and I’m completely happy to a

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