Getting About in the Provinces of Thailand


The countrywide carrier, Thai Airways, operates scheduled offerings to all the major centers, ~nd a few private airways are now springing up, such as Bangkok Air. If you are in a hurry to get around this ought to be your transport of choice.


This is a good, and safe, way to see the country. Train services run from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Nongkai, and Ubon in the northeast, Aranya Prathet in the east, Pattaya to the southeast, Kanchanaburi in the west, and through Haadyai in the south to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. There are three instructions of travel, and there are in a single day trains with sleepers (bookable in advance) on some long- distance routes. Supplements are payable for sure trains, sleepers, and air-conditioning. Charges are listed on the Thai Railways Web website online ( Most of the Thai railway system is single- music and the trains have a tendency to amble-no Iapanese-style bullet trains here! But it appears as if that is all set to change. As this e book goes to press the state-owned organisation is inviting bids for a high-speed railway line of wellknown gauge-as adversarial to the current meter gauge. In ten years’ time possibly one will no longer be capable to categorize Thai trains as “slow, slower, and slowest.” Diesel railcars, which have a tendency to be third-class solely and with restrained legroom, can be faster than the so-called specific trains.


This is the cheapest way to get about, but some of the bus drivers have a tendency to be erratic. The kingdom BKS bus employer (known as “Baw Kaw Saw”) runs long-distance orange buses to all components of the usa from the three bus stations in Bangkok. Air-conditioned long-distance buses run to some towns, and local tour organizations run bus services to lodges that can choose you up at your hotel. Both of these picks are extra expensive. For virtually long distances, such as Bangkok to Chiang Mai, bus journey is now not to be recommended; educate and air journey are more comfortable.

In each province nearby bus companies ply quick -distance routes. If you are on the large aspect you may additionally have hassle fitting into the seats. Thai bus drivers (like truck drivers) are a regulation unto themselves and power fast and with little regard for different customers of the road. In the tournament of an accident, it is no longer unknown for the driver to flee the scene.


In provincial towns you will locate taxis to hire, however in the smaller cities pedicabs and motorized trishaws (samlors) are frequently a higher bet, but you need to negotiate the fare in advance. Out of town you may find shared taxis (sengteo) a handy way of getting around. These are normally small pickup trucks with seats in the lower back that ply ordinary routes and are fairly frequent. Fares are low-cost and there is no want to haggle.

Driving Yourself

This is a proper way of getting around as Thailand has an tremendous network of well-maintained most important roads, some of them expressways, and site visitors jams are uncommon in the provinces. If renting a car, make certain the condominium cost consists of insurance, considering Thai riding is erratic and many drivers appear to be oblivious to different traffic on the road. Gasoline is solely lightly taxed and therefore remarkably affordable with the aid of European standards. If you are worried in an accident, it is beneficial to force straight to the nearest police station as an alternative than emerge as worried in a discussion. At seaside hotels motorbike and bicycle leases are available.

Water Transport Long-tailed boats (motorized) operate along the widespread canal network of the central undeniable and the rivers. It is sensible to avoid journeying for the duration of public holidays, specifically the Songkhran festival in April, when public transport is overstretched and the nation’s roads are jam-packed. The avenue accident statistics leap at Songkhran.

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