Travel Insurance – Unusual Mishaps

Just in case you aren’t lucky to have one of these helpful friends to recount some of their personal excursion journey insurance plan stories, we’ve got compiled a listing of a few of the extra uncommon ones.

Bag Overboard!
A man was on a three day outing aboard a small pleasure boat in Thailand. As they have been on the return journey, everybody’s baggage was once up on deck ready to disembark. Unexpectedly, the seas grew to be extremely rough and the boat was once in threat of capsizing. Some speedy thinking by way of the local Thai captain and crew averted a disaster, however now not before the entire boatload of baggage had slid overboard with one last terrifying lean! The gentleman in question had heaps of pounds of video equipment in his bag, as properly as an engagement ring he planned to existing to his female friend on the closing night time of their holiday. But while his bag went to a watery grave, his story had a completely satisfied ending. His travel insurance paid for the entirety which include a new ring, and they lived fortunately ever after, with a top notch story to tell! (Some of his new friends from the day trip however, who hadn’t bought vacation insurance, did now not fare so well.)

Stop Police!
A hapless visitor on the day out of a lifetime to Israel, was minding his very own commercial enterprise crossing the road. Out of nowhere a police automobile moving at over eighty km/hr got here careering over the crossing and struck him. Horrified onlookers watched as he was thrown ten ft into the air before landing on a traffic island. Miraculously his injuries were not existence threatening, however he used to be in health facility for weeks. The nearby Israeli police were extremely speedy in helping with the police report (surprise surprise!), and his journey insurance plan paid for a personal room, all his medical charges and his visiting charges returned to the US. Two years later, when the man was completely recovered he returned to Jerusalem to proceed his tour of the city – via bus!

Hands in the Air
Two young friends had been backpacking through South America on a hole year holiday. Before they left, all their uni friends had clubbed collectively to purchase them some low-cost tour insurance. The boys had introduced publicly that they had idea it used to be an useless rate – however fortuitously their mates disagreed. Half way into their three month holiday, the boys were crossing the border from Belize. They received a taxi from the border at Guatemala to take them to their next town. As the taxi crawled along the heavily potholed road, two masked gunmen leapt from the roadside brandishing their weapons and firing pictures in the air. They demanded the driver steer the taxi into a ditch, and made off with the boys’ bags. After a few hours of pushing, the boys and driver managed to extricate the automobile and drove straight to the police station. Due to the foresight of their friends’ the boys’ sizable rate to replace everything used to be blanketed by using their travel insurance plan – and they lived to hear the immortal words – “We informed you so!”

Once bitten, twice shy, three times….?
This is a combination of several stories, but a basic instance that animals certainly will chunk the hand that feeds them! While in rural India, a woman was once patting a notable little pup that suddenly turned on her and bit her finger and wrist. Although it wasn’t a terrible wound, when four days later it used to be published that the puppy had bitten countless different people and then had died – she at once took herself to the nearest big city clinic for a rabies shot. After numerous anxious days she was once given the all clear, and her tour insurance plan paid for her journey and medical charges consisting of antibiotics.

In Thailand a man stopped to pet a nearby man’s pet monkey on a leash. The man passed over the monkey for a cuddle, and as it nestled into the tourist’s palms it all of sudden became vicious and took a large chunk out of his face! Rabies shots, antibiotics and some minor surgical treatment later, the man lower back the UK to lodge a as an alternative large declare on his tour insurance.

On a “walk with the lions” tour in Zimbabwe, an aged female should no longer help achieving out to stroke the head of a young lion cub – though she had been told not to. The cub reared its head and caught her arm with its teeth. Twelve stitches and an overnight continue to be in health facility later, the lady used to be so shaken she reduce short her tour plans. Luckily her journey insurance paid for her clinic and flight expenses, and she back home to continue her safari at the town zoo!

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