Van Production Cut at Ford’s Swaythling Plant

A recent announcement by the Ford motor enterprise has revealed that it is lowering the amount of Ford transits van produced from 75,000 to 35,000 with manufacturing in its Swaythling plant shifting down to a four day week.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit was extremely famous with many small groups and tradesmen due to its dimension reliability and low-priced van insurance plan costs. Yet with an increasingly more competitive market, Ford have deemed it vital to cut down manufacturing of the Ford Transit stating that it was once a response to “softening market stipulations affecting the industry”. Ford spokesman Brian Bennett stated “In response to softening market stipulations affecting the industry, Ford is further decreasing production volumes at some of its European plants in the course of the the rest of 2008.

“Since August, this softening in the market has resulted in a discount in the day by day volumes of Ford Transits produced in the Southampton plant. The persevered downturn in the market also required 17 days of production to be taken out via to the end of the yr (the first on 1 October). ”

“Employees will continue to be paid on these down days, in line with their shrunk stipulations of employment. Employee representatives and union officials at Southampton are being kept entirely informed. ”

The head of the Unite Union which represents workers at the Ford plant expressed his fears that these new measures by means of Ford should lead to the long term closure of the plant in the near future. Yet he additionally persevered to say that he used to be not amazed by using the move as many agencies appeared to be taking stock in the modern-day good value climate.

He said: “The business enterprise will put into effect a reduction in extent from 75,000 transit vehicles a 12 months to 35,000 a year. That’s the company’s plan, which we are totally antagonistic to.

“The personnel have accomplished the whole lot it really is been requested of them. We think there is an option to negotiate an settlement that grants productiveness enhancements and long-term job security.”

Spealist Ford Transit vans

Ford has published its lengthy term plans for the plant, revealing that they are planning to continue making the Transit panel van at the plant till 2011, after which Ford desire to use the plant to make a expert version of the model referred to as the “chassis cab version”. Despite threats of protest on Southampton’s streets through the unions this has not stopped ford reducing down production, and now with modern-day announcement of in addition rate reductions in production, the future of the Swaythling plant is searching even extra unstable.

The new cuts are going to limit production down to 250 trucks a day in accordance to sources at the Southampton daily echo, bosses the place at the start reviewing production monthly but they are now searching at it weekly. He said: “There is a lot of uncertainty in the plant and we are being told that these cuts are due to shrinking orders throughout Europe.

“Workers are involved that if volumes get too low Turkey will swallow the entire operation and we will lose the plant that way. ”

The future is by means of no skill positive at the Swaythling plant with manufacturing looking to be cut, many concern that they may additionally lose their job or worse still the manufacturing facility closed and production moved elsewhere.

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