India – An Attractive Destination For Medical Tourism

India is rising as the most favoured destination for Health Tourism. A report launched by way of the Planning Commission states that the Indian Corporate hospitals are properly equipped, expert and ought to measure up to or even outshine any hospital in the west, making the country an captivating destination.

The value proposition that India has to provide is its capacity to furnish a exceedingly cost aggressive clinical cure with the most superior technology.

According to an estimate 150000 medical tourists travelled to India in the 12 months 2002, bringing in revenue of $300 mn. The CII-McKensey report projected the figures of $2 bn by way of the yr 2012.

The report similarly says that a coronary heart skip surgical treatment would cost a patient $6000 in India which would value the individual $7894 in Thailand, $10417 in Singapore, $23938 in the US, and $19700 in UK.

A beauty surgery would cost $2000 in India, while the identical would value $3500 in Thailand, $20000 in the US and $10000 in UK.

The most substantial thing is the technology-savvy amenities along with the offerings of main Indian Doctors and the most expert Nurses.

The primary hassle confronted through the clinical tourists from the US and UK have been the reluctance of the Insurance groups to cover the treatment carried out in India. However, some hospitals are already addressing the trouble by way of getting into alliances with the primary insurance plan corporations for encouraging patient to go beforehand with their India plans.

India’s aggressive function is further more suitable by means of an alternative remedy in Ayurveda, which of late has witnessed a exceptional deal of activity from the foreign tourists. Ayurveda is beneficial now not solely for health and well-being, but additionally for the therapy of a number sorts of continual diseases.

Kerela is the most favoured spot for Ayurvedic treatment. The remedies in the nation have proved to be most advantageous in dealing with sure diseases, discovered to be incurable by way of different medical systems.

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