Medical Tourism – A Concept Then – A Phenomenon Now

The present phenomenon referred to as “Medical Tourism” used to be conceptualized greater than a thousand years returned when the Greek pilgrims traveled to the sanctuary of restoration god Asklepios at Epidauria to are looking for medical treatments. Over a period of time Epidauria became a vacation spot for clinical tourism. Through the centuries, healthcare had always been a main situation for the common human being. The quality of treatment, degree of cost involved and the comfort of the machine have constantly been the predominant determinants of a properly healthcare system. Post-Epidauria scientific science has come a lengthy way; nevertheless some of the developed countries fail to fulfill the healthcare desires of their humans no matter having great scientific infrastructure.

United states is one such united states where the healthcare fees have long gone out of attain of the time-honored public. While those included underneath a clinical insurance plan do not experience the economic pinch, but the ones barring a cowl suffer the most. As of 2005, about 41.2 million humans in the United States did now not have a medical insurance. The astronomical healthcare costs had even led to personal bankruptcy in some cases. Confusing/ a couple of scientific bills, bulk cash price upfront, aggressive collection tactics frequently lead to financial instability. Even the ones protected underneath a fitness insurance layout along with the low-income humans face the chance of a clinical debt. Though the quality of clinical care at the United States is superlative, the fees charged to avail such a remedy pokes a principal hole in common man’s pocket. However, it is now not simply the fee element that makes the healthcare system of United States inaccessible. The ready period for positive techniques are so long that in some cases a patient ends up ready for a yr or greater for the remedy to get started.

The rising fees of healthcare and the inconvenience associated to its accessibility have made the age-old notion of medical tourism a phenomenon today. Countries like India, Singapore, Thailand and U.A.E have grow to be the most preferred clinical tourism locations for the patients. Not only do they supply world-class clinical care at lower priced prices but additionally couples the medical tourism package deal with a quick sightseeing tour. As a result, human beings from all over the world are coming to these international locations to searching for scientific treatment. Over 3,74,000 people came to Singapore in the year 2005 to meet their healthcare needs. The scientific tourism industry in India is estimated to contact $2 billion via the yr 2012.

Having visualized the big potential of the scientific tourism industry, the involved authorities of these nations are leaving no stones unturned to grow to be the market leader in this industry. While most of the developed international locations like that of the United States are still struggling to balance their out of track healthcare system, locations like India, Singapore and Thailand have genuinely cashed in this opportunity by using attracting a developing variety of clinical tourists.

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