Medical Tourism – Could Medical Tourism Save Your Life?

A growing range of humans global are seriously considering a new phenomenon referred to as “Medical Tourism” as an answer to excessive price and/or unavailable health care. Others who have already used clinical tourism are praising it as a incredible solution to an ongoing problem.

If you don’t stay in the US, you may additionally nevertheless have some activity in medical tourism-perhaps your health care provider would not cover a technique you want, or possibly the wait for the system is too long. For those human beings global barring fitness insurance, and with constrained get admission to to the fitness care system, going to every other country for a clinical technique may want to literally save your life.

The price of medical care here in the United States is high and going higher. However, the World Health Organization ranks the US health care system as #37 in the world. We are at the back of nearly all Europeans nations, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica.

So, you would possibly survive your clinical condition and treatment. But will you live on financially when the medical bills arrive at your door?

For a developing listing of reasons, Medical Tourism is an thinking whose time has come.

There are two distinguished resources for Medical Tourism:

Planet Hospital

PlanetHospital started in 2002 as a coordinator of distant places fitness care for the uninsured wanting to tour overseas due to the fact they could now not obtain or should no longer afford health care in the US or their respective country. Over time, as news of medical tourism spread, carriers, employers and self-insured businesses started to ask PlanetHospital to explore ways that would allow PlanetHospital to remedy their skyrocketing health care value problem. Consequently, while keeping their commitment to man or woman self payers, they expanded into fitness care solutions. As a result, over the past two years, PlanetHospital has developed several products for the marketplace. Most of their merchandise middle round 4 vital needs:

1. Self insured agencies and their related partners (such as Stop Loss agencies, TPAs, and MGUs)
2. Uninsured and underinsured individuals
3. Healthcare plans that want to manipulate fees
4. Immigrants and guest employees who want cheap healthcare while working in the US.

I strongly urge you to spend some time visiting their internet site at:

HealthCare Tourism International

HealthCare Trip, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit provider of HealthCare Tourism International, used to be started on April 1, 2006 as a portal and provider that connects all human beings involved in healthcare overseas with safe and high-quality facts and accreditation. In addition, they do not have any financial partnerships or preparations with for-profit healthcare tourism operators, hospitals, or providers, so that they may additionally maintain a non-partisan method to safe healthcare services abroad. HCTI is the world’s first 501 (c) (3) non-profit enterprise particularly for health tour safety.

Visit their website at:

Medical Tourism includes many of the following specialties in Medicine.

Alternative Medicine

There are many therapy approaches with lengthy histories of success that are not accredited and handy in the US. For example, German most cancers professionals have alternative remedies that are a good deal greater profitable than standard American procedures. Other choice remedy is discovered in coronary heart disease, for example.

Nursing Home/Long Term Care

In order for Medicare to pay for nursing home care, one ought to be essentially broke (under $2500 in assets). If you do now not have Long Term Care insurance, the monthly charges can effortlessly run between $3,000 and $5,000. In other countries, high satisfactory nursing care can be observed for less than $50 a day.


Some of the most popular and widely-used scientific methods are dental procedures. With only 1/2 the US populace covered by using dental insurance, Americans are streaming distant places for excessive quality, low price dental care. Medicare does not cover dental work, and elderly human beings have elderly enamel that require extra care than the young.

In certain areas of Prague, Budapest, Bangkok and Tijuana, streets are lined with dental clinics. The financial savings the sufferers comprehend can greater than compensate for their journey costs. Teeth caps that vary from $750 to $1,000 in the U.S. fee $150 in Mexico. In Budapest, a most desirable crown fees $780, in contrast with $1,200 to $2,000 in the United States. In Great Britain the average value of an implant is $3,500, however in Budapest you can get it executed for $1,000.

What about the quality of the work? According to the non-profit team Healthcare Tourism International, their surveys of sufferers found excessive levels of satisfaction. But that have to come as no surprise. A spokesman from the New York University College of Dentistry states that they deliver in over 100 dentists a 12 months from 33 countries, train them in superior procedures, and ship them home.

In March 2008, FOX News reporter Lori Lundin blogged about her husband’s dental tour to El Salvador. The quote they bought in the US for the dental work he want used to be $60,000. They had the work achieved in a world-class Salvadoran facility for about $19,000. He had the tactics finished and skilled no pain, plus they had a tropical holiday while they have been there. Lundin figured that the whole fee along with travel fees and lodging was once $30,000.

Cosmetic Surgery

Tummy tuck, Breast Augmentation/Reduction, facial, liposuction, butt/thigh lifts and different beauty techniques can be done via Medical Tourism.

Conventional Treatment

Medical strategies include:

o Fertility
o Orthopedic Surgery
o Heart Surgery
o Bariatric
o Cancer/Radiation
o Eye and vision
o Gynecological
o Lung tactics
o …and many others

Pharmaceutical purchases

Pharmaceuticals outside the US price a small fraction of US prices. For the most part, the producer is the identical as you would discover in an American pharmacy. Countries like India, Brazil and Thailand have huge regularly occurring pharmaceutical industries, and many of their corporations are importing product into the US. Patients can shop lots per 12 months via buying capsules outdoor the US.

Travel benefits

One of the different benefits to clinical tourism is that, depending on how lengthy you remain for your scientific procedures, you can also be capable to take in the sights while you are being treated. Imagine yourself on a Costa Rican seashore whilst you wait for your dental work to be completed! Picture yourself attending the Prague Symphony while you are in the town for your clinical treatment. Wonderful!

Caveat Emptor

As with any predominant purchase, you need to do sizeable lookup earlier than you spend your money. Do now not have faith ANYONE simply due to the fact the letters “MD” are tacked onto his name, or because he’s sporting a white lab coat. Spend the time necessary to thoroughly inspect any clinical provider. Then, make an informed decision.

Medical Tourism can be a terrific cash saver for you, and can provide you with world type medical therapy and a memorable vacation. Good luck and suitable health!

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