Medical Travel and Emergency Evacuation

Every year, more than 25,000 people, commonly Americans, hop a jet or cruise ship and journey south for clinical care in Costa Rica. Why are more and greater people taking vacations to that united states of america that additionally consist of scientific tourism? Because they are discovering that scientific care in Costa Rica is now on par with the excellent hospitals in the States however at a fraction of the cost.

Only the world’s finest hospitals acquire Joint Commission International Accreditation and three Costa Rica hospitals are so certified and accredited, supplying assurance that they meet the absolute best worldwide benchmarks for hospitals and affected person care. Those hospitals are Cima, Clinical Biblica, and La Catolica Hospital, all in or very close to to San Jose. The patient care and transport of carrier is top drawer, regularly delivered by way of Board Certified physicians.

It is no secret that American fitness care is the most costly in the world—by a lengthy shot. And, for the nearly 50 million Americans without fitness insurance, there is insult added to harm because hospitals charge uninsured sufferers a lot extra for offerings than people having excellent insurance. This is where scientific care in this little Latin America united states of america comes in for hundreds of suffering American tourists. Why? Because they can keep up to 65% in Costa Rica for the same offerings they would acquire in the United States.

Not convinced? Here is an example: for patients besides fitness insurance, total knee substitute surgery in the U.S. can fee $35,000 or more. Clinica Biblica costs much less than $12,000.

Internationally accepted scientific hospitals and board certified doctors—many who have studied and skilled in the United States and at world renowned universities-charge about $3,200 for breast augmentation. Lasik eye surgical procedure that can run up to $5,000 in the States is less than $2,000.

For extra and greater female trying plastic surgery, Costa Rica is the answer. Instead of paying $10,000 for a facelift, they hop a plane, pay $3,000 or less, get well in a tropical paradise on vacation, and go home with cash in their pocket.

In addition to the three JCI authorised hospitals, there are three clinics approved via the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Facilities. They are UNIBE (Universidad de Iberoamerica) which affords ambulatory and surgical care; Sonrisa Por Todo (Smiles for Everybody) providing dental care; and Pino Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Quality dental care is so inexpensive in this Central American country that more than a third of all its clinical tourists now come for dental surgical procedure or dental implants. Implants costing up to $3,000 in the United States are between $500-$750 in this tropical paradise. Periodontal surgical procedure that is at least $2,500 in America is about $400.

With American scientific and dental prices heading into the stratosphere, tens of heaps of sufferers are being misplaced each 12 months and Costa Rica is gladly providing the identical great of care and treatment. Unlike Mexico, it is secure to bring a household to this country. Unlike Thailand or India, you will be just a brief flight away from home.

So, if you want scientific or dental care however cannot manage to pay for American prices, my advice is definitely this: take a Costa Rica vacation!

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