What You Need to Know Before Scheduling Overseas Medical Care in the Growing Medical Tourism Market

The reputation of clinical tourism is growing exponentially as people are seeking decrease costs for clinical procedures. With the make bigger quotes of insurance plan premiums in the US as properly as groups scaling returned on group/employer based insurance, extra Americans are searching at different options. By next year (2010), the variety of Americans leaving the us of a for international health care is projected to attain six million two – a 700% jump in view that 2007 in accordance to Deloitte research.

Sources for scientific tourism information

So who can supply you appropriate recommendation and where you would possibly go for overseas scientific care?

Your first source will be your own buddies and family members. It is terrific how quickly you can locate someone who has performed clinical tourism. A colleague’s daughter flew to India for knee surgery, and she paid a fraction of what it would have cost her in the States. Just ask around and eventually you will find anybody who has achieved this.

A 2nd source is the Medical Tourism Association (MTA). They will work with you to find hospitals, understand legal issues in aftercare, and to find a associate who will help put it all together. MTA has recently created a certification software especially for the US insurance industry to inform agents and employers and advisers so that they would know that these agencies meet a very strict standard.

Interesting information on medical tourism

What sorts of scientific tourism are most common?

In a current survey by using MTA, the breakdown is as follows:

Spine: 2%

Cosmetic: 12%

Orthopedic: 22%

Weight Loss: 31%

Other: 33%

To the question, “Did you have health insurance when you traveled for care?” 41.5% said sure and 58.5% said no.

To the question, “Would you advise worldwide medical travel?” 92.7% answered Yes, 7.3% answered Maybe, and now not one individual stated they would not endorse it.

Procedure surgery value primarily based in US dollars:

Here is a fee contrast for common scientific treatment. By just searching at the variations in costs, you will shortly understand the allure of clinical tourism.

Heart bypass: US 130k / India 9.3k / Thailand 11k / Singapore 16.5k / Costa Rica 24k / South Korea 34.2k / New Zealand 31k

Heart-valve replacement: US 160k / India 9k / Thailand 10k / Singapore 12.5k / Costa Rica 15k / South Korea 29.5k / New Zealand 29k

Hysterectomy: US 20k / India 6k / Thailand 4.5k / Singapore 6k / Costa Rica 4k / South Korea 12.7k / New Zealand 9.9k

Knee replacement: US 40k / India 8.5k / Thailand 10k / Singapore 11k / Costa Rica 11.1k / South Korea 24k / New Zealand 15k

Important concerns before you travel

1. Consult your neighborhood medical doctor about your plans

2. Check the overseas hospital’s accreditation

3. Research the doctor treating you

4. Review medical institution data

5. Avoid verbal exchange boundaries via making certain docs and clinic body of workers contributors communicate English or have get entry to to translators

6. Use a medical-tourism employer

7. Travel with a companion — a must in any go cultural situation due to the fact you will need anybody to assist with paperwork, making tour arrangements, buying things you need, etc.

8. Do no longer rush it – take your time doing research.

More beneficial resources:

American Medical Association: This organisation released hints on clinical journey remaining yr (2008).

Medical Tourism Association: This non-profit enterprise vets medical tourism companies, provides guidelines for patients, works with internationally based totally hospitals, and monitors industry traits at http://www.medicaltourismassociation.com

Joint Commission International: This independent corporation has permitted and licensed health-care groups in 33 countries, the usage of US standards of care at http://www.jointcommissioninternational.org

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