Obtaining a UK Fiance Visa For Your Thai Fiance

Settling in the UK with your Thai fiance proves to be your exceptional choice if your bread and butter in the UK is keeping you from permanently relocating to Thailand. A UK settlement visa in the shape of a fiance visa is your key to bringing your Thai fiance to continue to be with you in the UK for good. This is true for these couples taking into account of getting married in the UK then proceed in adjusting their fiance’s immigration fame after marriage.

UK Fiancee Visa Requirements

Applying a UK fiancee visa for your Thai fiance necessitates meeting two essential requirements: your relationship with your Thai fiancee and your economic repute in the UK. Establishing a believable and an on-going relationship between you and your fiancee requires your having recognised each different and being together for a period of time now not less than 6 months. This must be considered as a logical requirement after all you are sponsoring someone to the UK who will hopefully become your lengthy time accomplice in life. The longer you have regarded each other, the better. Apart from this, you additionally want to show tangible proofs of your actual existing relationship in the varieties of electronic mail exchanges, pics collectively in quite a number places, money transfer receipts, cellphone bills, boarding passes to Thailand and any other pieces of proof that ought to validate your existing relationship. You would additionally need to grant proof of your freedom to marry certificates and if you have been married earlier than a divorce certificate or spousal loss of life certificate have to be supplied to attest the dissolution of your preceding marriage.

Finally, you would need to write a letter detailing the milestones of your relationship, how it began and developed to grow to be what it is now. This in flip turns into a literature for all the portions of relationship proof you have so a ways collected. Just lately the British embassy additionally started requiring a letter of intent to marry from a registrar in the UK for the visa applicant and the British fiance. This, however, would require the presence of the overseas fiancee in the UK at the registrar’s workplace earlier than this letter is issued. Contacting the municipal registrar in your area on how to go with this is the first-rate thing to do to be in a position to address this requirement. Your fiancee also wishes to endure a medical take a look at up to test her health status. They are especially involved with checking if she has Tuberculosis. You would need to name the IOM center in Bangkok to agenda her check-up and assume corresponding medical check up fee. She would additionally want to invulnerable a police file to prove her being a proper citizen. This needs to be obtained at the Royal Thai police which can take up to 2 weeks to have it finally issued. Your monetary function in the UK is the next vital requirement in question. The rational at the back of this is that the UK authorities wants to make certain that you would be able to guide your future wife’s continue to be in the u . s . besides any recourse to public funds. To show them your monetary capability, you would need to provide your last 6 months financial institution statements; at least 3 current pay slips, employment letter, House Title deed or Mortgage Agreement and photos of your house. This is aside from the sponsorship letter which confirms your desire to sponsor her stay in the UK. Speaking of the sponsorship letter, it’s recommended to consist of in it your honest intention of marrying your fiancee once she gets there and aiding her financially and morally and purchasing her airfare ticket and travel insurance plan after she has obtained her visa successfully.


The UK fiance visa application follows a simple process. Nonetheless, it is suggested to take it seriously as remedying a refused visa software proves to be a extra challenging ordeal. A excellent way to start the technique would be to familiarize yourselves with the details of the whole system i.e. predicted time frame, costs, required documents amongst others. It would be properly to list down all the required documents from both ends and start collecting them the soonest possible. In filling out the visa utility forms it would be prudent to begin with a draft and if there are questions doubtful to you, it’s constantly desirable to ask UK visa professionals. You can also name the British embassy to make clear perplexing objects in the visa software forms. As for your fianc‚’s essential archives in Thai i.e. Birth certificate and Single Certificate, they would need to be translated into English and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the aforementioned required documents are amassed and completely prepared, you can proceed with submitting your visa application at VFS in Bangkok which will turn over to the UK consular Section. It would take approximately three months to technique the visa application earlier than the end result of the visa software receives issued. If interview is required, the processing time would hopefully take longer. Your Thai fianc‚ is in the beginning allowed to stay in the UK for 6 months if she receives the visa. After marriage in the UK, her immigration fame can be adjusted therefore that she can also be capable to remain and work there for good.


Aside from the provider fee of the visa agent, you would additionally want to anticipate different prices like embassy fees, clinical check-up rate and translation fees.


The UK fiancee visa software needs a thorough education of the required documents. It is therefore advised to enlist the carrier of UK visa experts to information you and your Thai fiancee with the visa application process. UK visa gurus who communicate both Thai and English and have vast journey in supporting UK visa in Thailand are endorsed to carry out the task for you.

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