Healthcare and Insurance Choices for Seasonal/Contract Workers

Ah… the ELEPHANT in the room. Health Insurance. The invisible handcuffs of the twenty first century in the United States.

I am inclined to be that some of you analyzing this article LOVE the idea of the lifestyle I am suggesting – work (possibly truely HARD) for somewhere between eight and ten months a year, and take the other months OFF. Big blocks of time off – not a week right here or there. For vital things like playing with grandchildren, travelling the world, or writing the novel it’s rattling around in your head begging to be realized.

But… there is the elephant. You currently have organization provided fitness insurance, and you think you can’t maybe have the funds for to purchase it yourself.

You may be proper IF you are married to the idea of having a low/no deductible policy and being able to see a medical doctor for anything, anywhere, anytime.

Love it or leave it – we are where we are in the U.S., and the price of healthcare can be enormous.

Is the situation hopeless? No it isn’t. You do have choices. Today I will define some of those in an overview.


Basically, this is selecting to go without insurance, pay the tax penalty, and just pay for clinical care as you go. Reward? Well, if you don’t have a catastrophic health care incident, you will keep a lot of money. There are some hints of the alternate here – you can make use of constant price non-public clinics for basic needs. A normal appointment for something like a sinus infection would run about $50. Mole removal typically prices $25- 30. These clinics typically have a price-per-procedure sheet available. You can additionally negotiate prices with medical practitioner and hospitals. Skipping insurance plan altogether is what many young people are doing, and it is one of the motives that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is having some struggles.

Risk Level – High.

Medical Tourism

Many international locations have personal clinical care that is handy for purchase with the aid of foreigners. Partially due to the fact these countries do not have our tort legal system, the expenses are decrease due to the fact the docs don’t have to buy malpractice insurance. Many of the services have delivered in U.S. trained doctors, and additionally bought JCAH certification. This is the technique U.S. hospitals go thru each and every four years to hold stay certified. Articles abound of U.S. citizens visiting to places like Thailand, Mexico, and Dubai and having excessive danger processes like coronary pass surgical operation for 10 – 20% of the price in the U.S.

Risk Level – Moderate, if you do your homework on the facility and practitioner.

Re-Evaluate Your Policy

This is what we did. For years, we paid numerous hundred bucks a month for a no-deductible, no out-of-pocket, “cadillac” policy. Offered with the aid of my employer, it was once a sweet deal, as they paid 75% of the premium cost. When I modified positions internally in January, I had to alternate insurance. Doing the math I realized that we could pass to a high-deductible policy and put the price difference into a HSA (healthcare financial savings account) to pay expenses prior to meeting it. This kind of account rolls over and would not have to be used annually. This HAS changed our healthcare behavior, however.

Risk Level – Moderate IF you can bank the deductible and take a seat on it for when/if you want it.

Get Healthier

Well, the actuality is that we ALL need to do this anyway. But if you are going to minimize your insurance plan coverage, it cannot damage to do the whole lot feasible to avoid needing health care.

Refined sugar, we know, is crazy terrible for us. Most of us are very addicted to it, and do not even understand how tons of it is in our food. I’ve reduce WAY back, and after about three weeks noticed that some things have a natural sweet style that I did not get before. I am now not perfect, as my weekly frozen cola deal with proves. But, less is higher and none is best.

Exercise more. Every day. I am working on that.

Sleep more. Every day. Working on that too.

Bottom line, opting for an independent-of-long-term employment life-style requires a special approach to many things. Healthcare and fitness insurance are in all likelihood the biggest and most highly-priced of those.

Take the Quiz! Could semi-retirement, or taking a few months off each year, be an alternative for you? Come be a part of the movement toward a higher fine of life, and better work/life stability after fifty!

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