Is Medical Travel Insured?

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I would like to write about a concern that is very essential to medical travellers and sufferers going overseas: Insurance. Ever wondered if insurance plan covers your care abroad? I wager you did and Google knows it best. Insurance is the key searched phrase in aggregate to MT.

There is correct news. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina (BCBSSC) is possibly the first U.S.-based Blues layout to construct up a identified rapport with a foreign-based hospital. And it is interestingly the first Blues format in the kingdom to have a formal attachment with a clinic in Thailand. The format additionally expects to add as many as a dozen greater hospitals to its international community over the coming years.

Companion Global Healthcare, Inc. the SC Blues subsidiary, in latest instances affiliated with its first overseas JCI permitted hospital, everyday Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

The BCBS of South Carolina has pre-negotiated discount fees with organizations like Beltone, TLC Vision, American Cosmetic Surgery Networks and extra because of growing numbers of format individuals and Americans in conventional who are going outside of their standard gain plans for quite a number matters that are health and wellness related.

According to Ruben Toral, marketing director at Bumrungrad, one hundred fifty of the hospital’s 750 medical practitioner are U.S. board-certified. According to BCBSSC, Bumrungrad treats extra close to 1/2 a million global patients each yr counting 80,000 Americans in 2006 with projections attaining 100,000 for 2008 and 2009. On the other hand, it stays indistinguishable how many of these patients traveled to Thailand solely for medical care and how many were vacationing or had other commercial enterprise in the u . s . and ended up being dealt with at Bumrungrad. Companion offers a appropriate global company Network.

This is why public reporting and transparency is so necessary in the years to come so that open platforms such as this one begin feeding correct facts to the travelers and different stakeholders in this enterprise for higher and safer decisions.

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