Traveling Tips – Thailand Hospitals (Phuket Hospital)

I’m now not positive what the normal perception is, but my presumption was that most of the hospitals in Thailand were going to be that of a third world variety. You know the variety of vicinity I mean. The variety of area where they still use leeches, and drill holes in your head to “release the demons” when you have a headache. Well, my fears came into play almost straight away on my trip when I crashed my motorcycle on my 2nd day in Thailand. I ended up having cuts and scraps on my arm, leg and pinnacle of my foot, and was once enormously positive that I had broken at least 1 toe. My first presumption was that if I went to the hospital, they would inform me they had to amputate my foot. Eeek! After about 3 days of laying around and making an attempt to heal myself with peroxide and tylenol, I determine to provide in and have the owner of my bungalow take me to the hospital.

Before I get into the offerings I received at the Phuket Hospital, let me preface this with a little backstory of a current journey at a health center in the States. About 2 weeks earlier than my trip to Thailand, I was once receiving my immunization shots, and had an damaging reaction. As a result, I ended up having a seizure and had to be taken to the emergency room. Now mind you, I have fitness insurance, so I only had to pay for the copay, but let me give you a little insight into the journey of a US hospital.

Once I arrived in the emergency room, I received admitted, and sat round for almost an hour. I had my blood stress taken, got a CT scan, noticed a physician for about 5 minutes, and was once released. The entire technique took about three hours, and I genuinely didn’t acquire any treatment. I solely ended up having the two tests. On pinnacle of that, it ended up costing about $5000. As I said, my insurance covered most of it, but that is nonetheless an insane amount.

Now fast forward about 2 weeks and I arrive at the Phuket Hospital in Thailand. As soon as I arrive at the hospital, I am admitted with the aid of two very satisfactory nurses, given a free bottle of water, and taken to the emergency room. This solely took about 10 minutes. Once I used to be in the emergency room, a health practitioner got here to see me and talked to me substantially about my accident and my injuries. He prescribed me a pain killer, an anti-inflamatory and an antibiotic, as I had an contamination in my cuts. He additionally had a nurse easy and dress my wounds, and referred me to an orthopedic specialist. One my way to see the specialist, I stopped off to get X Rays. After I got the X Rays, the orthopedic medical doctor reviewed them with me, and explained to me that I had broken 1 toe, and chipped 2 more as a result of a ligament being torn off the bone. From there I proceeded to checkout, the place I obtained my three prescriptions and received a card for 6 free wound cleanings at the hospital. All this solely fee a little over $300. No, I didn’t depart a zero out, it used to be solely $300.

So let’s compare this actual quick. In the US, I paid over 10 times as much, it took twice as lengthy and I only obtained 1/2 the services in contrast to my journey at Thailand. Don’t worry, I may not go off on a Michael Moore fashion rant here. It’s quite clear to me that the basic level of provider and care in a u . s . a . such as Thailand, is far past that in the States.

My advice to you is if you get critically injured while on holiday in Thailand, do now not hesitate to go to the hospital. It might not price you much, and you will receive some of the high-quality best and fitness care available.

I hope you located this records helpful.

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