Find Low Cost Health Insurance In New York

Finding low price fitness insurance plan in New York is difficult ample if you are now not employed, so it have to now not be too hard venture if you are employed, right? Wrong. Many employees of small organizations in New York are not presented low cost fitness insurance plan via their employers. This is not really helpful to the employers or the employees, seeing that many people choose their jobs primarily based somewhat on the advantages they will receive.

If you stay in New York and work for a enterprise whose owner thinks it is “too small” to provide fitness insurance, you may additionally be in luck. In 2000, the governor of New York proposed to a complete insurance plan coverage format to be made on hand to New York employees and their families if they do now not have health insurance. The New York Legislature ratified the proposal, and the software grew to be recognized as Healthy NY.

According to Healthy NY, a “small business” is one that has 50 or fewer employees. When a small business has this quantity of employees, the commercial enterprise feels as if it can no longer come up with the money for to offer low price health insurance plan to its employees; however, thanks to Healthy NY, all small businesses can take gain of imparting low fee fitness insurance plan to its employees.

The even higher information is that you do not have to be an employee of a small commercial enterprise to buy low value health insurance plan thru Healthy NY. Sole proprietors can also also buy low value health insurance thru Healthy NY.

If you work for a small enterprise in New York that does not provide health insurance because it feels as if it can not have the funds for to, talk to your employer about Healthy NY. Not solely with Healthy NY gain the employees of the business, however being able to provide low value health insurance to employees will additionally assist your business enterprise due to the fact he or she will be in a position to entice and continue first-class employees.

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