Long Term Care Options In Florida

In the kingdom of Florida, almost one quarter of the residents are over the age of 60. Quality long-term care is very vital for many of these older Floridians. The Florida Agency of Health Care Administration (AHCA) regulates Health Care Facilities for the duration of the country and also administers Florida’s Medicaid program.

Below are a few of the long time period care services regulated via AHCA:

Assisted Living Facilities: Provides housing, foods and some private offerings for residents. Residents have to meet positive practical standards and must be ambulatory and in a position to operate every day residing activities like consuming and capable to care for basic bodily functions. two Bed ridden residents are now not accepted. Medicaid will pay for such a facility if each the resident and facility are eligible.

Adult Day Care: These are much less than 24 hour care facilities. They offer therapeutic packages impaired adults. two These facilities provide many things to do such as exercise, education, fitness screening and conduct modification. two These centers additionally serve as a reprieve to the predominant caregivers. These packages may additionally be blanketed by means of Medicaid.

Adult Family – Care Homes: These family-type living preparations provide a personal domestic for up to 5 aged or disabled human beings (not related). The proprietor lives with the residents. two The residents should no longer be bed ridden and are concern to other standards as described in Florida law. Adult household care homes are for residents that do now not require extra care than can be supplied by means of the owners. two In some instances Medicaid will pay if both the resident and the AFCH are eligible.

Hospice: Hospice is a application that coordinates expert services which includes dietary counseling, pastoral services, social work, and many other offerings for the terminally ill. These services can be furnished at the hospital, hospice facility or the patient’s residence.

Medicare or Medicaid will pay for these services if the patient is eligible.

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