My Trip to Traveler’s Health Care Utopia

Everything was going swimmingly: I obtained my passport, observed a lower priced flight, and got my two weeks off of work. I was once equipped for the closing vacation. On a tip from a buddy of mine, I determined on a package deal tour of Meditopia, an island nation frequently known as the jewel of the South Pacific. The brochure sent to me via Meditopia Adventure Travel displayed pristine white sand beaches, lush jungle waterfalls, charming locals, and, strangely, a photograph of their company new hospital. ‘Our fitness care is free to all,’ the caption beneath the image read. An avid scuba diver and lover of nature, this obscure state seemed to grant it all.

I linked to the Air flight range 13 from Bangkok, and after sixteen hours of travel, I arrived into Healthiopolis Airport. Customs was a fantastically widespread procedure, though it used to be unusual when the respectable seemed disillusioned that I did now not have any pre-existing clinical conditions.

As it turned out, I arrived in the center of monsoon season. Despite securing a very rapid and environment friendly taxi to the hotel, I was once soaking wet and shivering by way of the time I reached the the front desk. I wasn’t going to let some rains dampen my spirit: I celebrated the first night time of my holiday with a couple pork dumplings acknowledged to be a nearby delicacy. Before long I was once dreaming of the swimming, hiking, and diving I would be doing.

The next morning, I awoke to an intense, pounding headache, a severe sore throat, sweats, and a case of diarrhea the likes of which I by no means had before. It used to be terrible, and I wasn’t certain if it was once the rain that soaked me or the dumplings I had eaten the night time before. There was a knock on my door.

“Meditopia Adventure Travel! I am your guide! Good morning!” a bubbly voice called.

“I am sorry, I’m very sick,” I sputtered, opening the door.

“Sir, you are now not well!” a portly, amiable looking neighborhood said.

“Yes, perhaps I need to sleep it off,” I tried to close the door, but the information would not let me.

“We ought to take you to our manufacturer new hospital, sir,”

“No, no, I do not have any insurance,” I said, “at least none that would be everyday here.”

“Sir, you have to apprehend that here, in Meditopia, we delight ourselves in our free fitness care.
Even Yankee travelers such as your self can get access to our state of the art facilities.”

I did no longer believe him, but before lengthy I located myself in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital. Wrapped in blankets, upon entry to the hospital, I tried to fish out my HMO card, however the particularly pleasant nurse waved it away. I waited no more than ten minutes before a two Doctors waved me into an examination room. In my feverish delirium, I persisted to wave round my health insurance plan card, understanding full nicely that my design had no coverage for foreign hospitals. The physicians recognized my acute meals poisoning, and set me up with a lavish health center room, as well as a free prescription for the necessary antibiotics. Good lord, I tried to provide the group of workers money each and every time they visited, but they refused.

I spent my whole vacation getting better in the health facility ward; it used to be amazing. There wasn’t even any paperwork for me to fill out. This land of Meditopia was once the best place to get sick. Feeling refreshed, rested, and thankfully, in height bodily condition, I boarded the aircraft hoping to get ill here, once more sometime.

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