Planning a Short Trip to Thailand (Part 2) – Bangkok Flood News

After pre-booking all the air tickets, lodging and neighborhood tours, news of the Bangkok floods became incrementally worse by way of the day. A tour advisory was issued by means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to keep away from non vital travel to Thailand, in particular, the flood afflicted Bangkok.

I had a week left before the trip and had to make a quick decision on whether or not to make the adjustments to keep away from Bangkok. The anxiousness stage was once very high as all my buddies and household contributors suggest that I abandon the day trip altogether. I was once wavering as my flight has to go with the aid of Bangkok and it was once no longer possible to trade to a direct flight to Chiangmai as Thai Airways does now not have such a flight from Singapore. As news poured in about the opportunity of the floods hitting Bangkok metropolis and Thai International Airport, it was disheartening and frustrating at the identical time.

Nevertheless, I determined to go ahead with the trip through extending my remain in Chiangmai and skipping Bangkok continue to be even though my flights have to go through Bangkok. Since all my air tickets had been booked with Thai Airways, I began to name them to have one of my flights rescheduled. I wanted to reschedule the flight back from Chiangmai to Bangkok to be on the identical day as my flight lower back to Singapore from Bangkok. This, to me, was the great and most feasible option but the problem was, no one was answering the Thai Airways phone traces and my emails have been left unanswered too.

Two other necessary things I wanted to do was once to cancel my prepaid 4-days inn accommodation in Bangkok (booked through which referred to that no cancellation or refund allowed for this specific offer) and regulate the itinerary from four to eight days in Chiangmai. Although I bought travel insurance plan for this trip earlier than all these had happened, I preferred making an attempt to get a refund for my hotel bookings as my case used to be genuinely a valid one. Another motive used to be that I desired to keep away from the trouble of placing up insurance claims where possible.

It was once challenging for me as I had to do numerous things concurrently and time was now not on my side. I had to preserve attempting to get thru Thai Airways to reschedule my flight, email Asiatravel to cancel and refund my Bangkok hotel booking and lengthen my remain and itinerary in Chiangmai. It was a nerve-wracking journey and I lived to inform about it here.

As Thai Airways in Singapore was absolutely unreachable, I determined to go in advance with the day trip and fly to Chiangmai via Bangkok and hope to get my flight rescheduled over there. Thankfully, Asiatravel managed to get a refund for my motel booking in Bangkok and I was satisfied to have endorsed Asiatravel in my before article as one of my favored on-line tour bookings site. Also, I was once capable to arrange a wider insurance of Chiangmai and it is the northern areas with a neighborhood tour agent known as Untouched Thailand to maximise the extended stay. I will share about the Chiangmai ride in my next article. Stay tuned.

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