The Backpacker Who Didn’t Need Travel Insurance

He would never ever dream of wasting his cash to line these “capitalist” journey insurance plan company’s pockets by shopping for even a low-cost journey insurance plan policy – no way! That’s for his Mum and Dad; old Beryl from next door who spends a week in Tenerife each 12 months on (and sometimes off!) her mobility scooter; and those unoriginal wimps that go on cliched package deal tours. Travel insurance is for tourists, no longer for him – the traveller…the adventurer… the Backpacker!

Yes, we’ve got all met him – but how many of us meet him six months after his holiday; insurance now a phrase burned like a company into his regretful heart. Chastened, broke, burdened out and sorrowful, he spends his days not bragging of his visiting adventures, however moaning of his visiting disasters. Travel insurance – he coulda, he shoulda, he woulda. Trouble is – he didn’t.

Things went awful about three days into his day out when he landed in Bangkok on a stopover to India. He determined to e book a brief flight up to Chang Mai for a couple of nights to see the sights. On his last night time he ran into a couple of Aussie guys in a bar, and so started out a extraordinarily heavy night time on the tiles. The next day, his flight (and many others!) went without him as he slept peacefully in a rice paddy field. Waking up at sunset, he had to shell out for some other (very expensive) flight to strive to get again to Bangkok to capture his connection to India. He did not make it and had to purchase a new (extremely expensive) flight for that leg of his journey. Story quantity one – “Travel insurance would have covered that”.

Arriving in India, our hero put the disaster of his greater money outlay in the back of him. After all, he’d save hundreds in India due to the fact it used to be so cheap. Leaving the airport in Delhi he got a taxi to a inexpensive hotel advocated by means of the driver, dumped his bag, grabbed his digital camera and iPod, and set off to explore the city. Arriving again six hours later, he pushed open the door to his room to discover it had been ransacked, and all his clothes, toiletries and most disappointingly his two-week’s-wages North Face hiking boots had gone. Being a trooper, he took a long slug of water from the rest room faucet and resolved to keep his chin up. Story variety two – “Even low-cost travel insurance plan would have blanketed that”

Arriving in New York three weeks later, our young explorer (feet akin to tractor tyres from trekking barefoot around Southern India) looked ahead to immersing himself in the delights of the city that in no way slept. He felt sure his good fortune used to be establishing to change. Celebrating with a bloodless beer under the shadow of the Empire State, he felt that in the end he may want to begin to reminisce upon his travels barring a bitter bile rising to his throat, when abruptly he started out to sense very, very, very ill… Two weeks later with a stern warning from the medical doctors that his Giardia may additionally reoccur sporadically during his life, he used to be discharged from health center with shaky legs and a clinical bill equivalent to a division one lottery win.

Story range three – “Yes, you guessed it – holiday insurance would have paid for that.”

After this last calamity, our unlucky fellow at once cancelled the relaxation of his world tour and back home, (with an greater charge on his ticket for the changes) to recover at his parents’ house. Unfortunately he had to seem to be after himself as they have been both off on their package deal excursion to Tenerife with Beryl having a extremely good time – completely included through their journey insurance.

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Journey’s Travel. Their industrial tour insurance website, Insuremore, presents low cost journey insurance plan for families, couples and singles with a quick and handy on line claims feature.

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