How to Make Money – Online vs Offline

Online, Offline….. what’s the difference?
Today, I desire to ‘talk’ about the difference in opening a commercial enterprise in your high street, or opening a commercial enterprise online.
What drives human beings to do this?
Is there any difference between the two?
What competencies do you want for each?
Let’s think you prefer to open a bricks-and-mortar shop, let’s say a store promoting meals products.

What do you need to do earlier than your first customer enters ?

a) Build/compile your Business Plan!

b) Conduct Market Research

c) Find premises, at the right location/rent/price (if you are buying freehold)

d) Formulate a Marketing Plan

e) Engage a solicitor/lawyer to deal with prison issues – Local Government rules you

have to comply with, leases/contract/exit strategies etc.

f) Research the market to find capital gadgets – till, cash register, freezers, cold counters etc.

g) Fit it out to your fashion and liking – engage with local builders

h) Arrange financing if applicable

i) Get a enterprise bank account

j) Arrange with your financial institution to have a merchant payment system

k) Find an Accountant

l) If it is too tons for you alone, locate staff

m) Arrange insurance plan – fire/theft/buildings etc., and Public Liability

n) Apply to the local physique who problems Health and Safety certificates pertinent to the food trade

(or any other bodies/oganisations for other businesses – there are usually some!)

o) Find suppliers for the products you want to sell

p) Negotiate a exact deal with your suppliers

q) Local advertising campaign? – local newspapers, flyers, posters etc.

Hmmmm…..the list is endless eh?

I am sure that there are a lot greater than the short listing above.

Ok, let’s say you do all of the above… what does it take?

1) A vision

2) Drive

3) Tenacity

4) Expertise

5) A skill-set


7) A feel of humour – very quintessential this.

I am certain that you can think of others too.

If, after getting this far, a year-down-the-road, what have you got?

i. A business

ii. Hopefully making you a living, however in all likelihood very stressful, but having tight reins on your


iii. A true title in the neighborhood you are serving

iv. Satisfaction? – a moot point maybe

v. A Retirement plan?

Not convenient is it? Looking at the above and thinking tough about it, it makes one marvel why humans set-up in commercial enterprise on their own.
We all have our motives for looking to work for ourselves, however when you come down to it, there is only one really.
Having manage over our very own destiny.
The one single element why human beings prevail or fail is the product. If the product is in demand, then the cash will come through the door. If it is now not in demand, then it will come to be a combat to make the money come via the door. Furthermore, if you have the ‘fight’ scenario, then it will value you greater to make a profit, which is a decreased profit!
Now that I have outlined (some of) the steps one wishes to take to get a bricks-and-mortar commercial enterprise off the ground, what about trying the same element online?
Is it any different?
Not a lot!!!
For those of you who see on-line claims that you can do “this”, or “that”, for fifteen minutes each day, (with your laptop computer sitting on the beach), and stay the existence of luxury…what do you think of that?
Are you fired-up?
When I first started out online, I was…very a great deal so. It’s like showing a infant a scrumptious cake. They want it and understand they can have it for free, (from Mum or Dad) if they make the proper sounds!
Well, it is simply the equal right here online. If you sign-up with this Guru, or that Guru, and do the things they propound, then you will have that lifestyles of luxury.
What they do not inform you, or at least emphasise, is the work necessary, now not to mention the tools and information you need to make it all work. Think again to the bricks and mortar business…..can it be finished barring time, cash and expertise? Probably not.
There are a few websites who are making an attempt to redress the stability (myself included) and provide to all, the records and steps integral to get online, begin a enterprise and surely make cash doing this.
A properly website like the above should exhibit you ‘everything’ that is integral for you to do to get online, and up-and-running with your very own business.

There are many topics that a website such as this should cover. These have to include:

o AdSense – Explanation of this and how to….

o AdWords – Explanation of this and how to ….

o Affiliates – why you have to attempt this, why you not.

o All the Money Transfer choices – How to take money on-line with your website.

o How to defend your links – if you rely on fee earnings, you must do this!

o Copy-Writing – Easy eh? Well, a few policies must be followed.

o Creating an email listing – how to, why you do this…

o Creating a Website – html, different methods, more.

o Email advertising and marketing – how to get white-listed, how to avoid unsolicited mail complaints, more

o Finding a Product – should exhibit you how to do this and the preferences a#vailable. This is not so challenging as you might think, this used to be my stumbling block in the beginning.

o Necessary Tools – the absolute minimum you need.

o Pre-Selling – sell something before it is ready!

o Publishing – how to and the first-class way.

o SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

o Getting Traffic – How to…. Pitfalls and is free internet hosting excellent enough for you.
The above is a snapshot of some of the problem rely that must be discussed. But these are simply some of the subjects that ought to be covered. There also be some other assets for you to download. All with the one objective… to get you up-to-speed as soon as possible and to get you absolutely incomes cash online.

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