What You Need to Know About Taking Your Motorcycle on a European Tour


It’s essential to make positive you have the right documentation for you and your bike when visiting abroad. You ought to make certain you lift the following files when riding.

1. Passport – Non-European Union residents might also also require a Visa.

2. Driving Licence – Full UK Licence with paper counterpart if a picture licence. (An International Driving Permit is not necessary).

3. MOT Certificate – If your motorbike is more than 3 years old.

4. Registration Document (V5) – Sometimes referred to as a Log Book.

5. Insurance Certificate for your motorcycle – In line with European Union directives your car insurance plan will routinely cover you to the minimal requirement of third celebration solely whilst in other EU countries (a inexperienced card is now not necessary). If you desire to maintain the same degree of cowl you have in the UK you will need to contact your insurance plan employer or dealer earlier than your departure. Your insurance company will normally make a small charge to lengthen your current cowl to different EU countries.

Make positive all your files are up to date and will cover you for the length of time you spend abroad. Also make certain your motorcycle has a contemporary Road Tax, and is in any other case street legal.


Ride on the right-hand facet of the road (except in Malta and Cyprus). If you don’t have a rear-view reflect on the left-hand facet of your motorcycle, have one fitted to resource in using on the right.

The sporting of a appropriate crash helmet is obligatory in the course of all European Union countries.

A appropriate GB decal must be displayed at the rear of your motorcycle. Since 2001, if you have a quantity plate displaying the blue GB euro-symbol, a traditional decal is no longer necessary.

For many motorcycles, headlamp deflectors or readjustment is not essential (the headlamp beam pattern is unique to that of cars). If in doubt, ask your nearby MOT station to check.

Riding with dipped headlights is obligatory at all times in most European countries.


Although not a prison requirement, the following will give you peace of thinking and should be quintessential must the worst happen.

1. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – In order to get hold of fitness care treatment in any different EU country you will need a European Health Insurance Card. As from 1st January 2006 this card changed the E111 and entitles the holder to state-medical treatment for injuries and illnesses. You can follow for a EHIC by choosing up a shape at your nearby submit office, there’s no charge. The EHIC might also now not cowl all the services you would possibly expect in the UK, so it’s a desirable thinking to take out a appropriate Personal Travel Insurance.

2. Personal Travel Insurance – Make positive the policy covers motorcyclists. Some insurance plan companies reflect onconsideration on motorcycling a unsafe skip time. As always, if in doubt, ask.

3. European Breakdown Insurance – None of us expect to breakdown, however a suitable insurance should store a lot of hassle and money must you have the misfortune to go through mechanical problems.

It’s also a proper notion to elevate a spare set of bulbs and fuses, a primary tool kit, a puncture restore kit, chain lube (if applicable) and a spare set of keys.

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