How To Mitigate Risks When Traveling To A Foreign Country

Whether you are a first time traveler or a everyday traveler, journey safety begins with you. To some people, journeying foreign places form section and parcel of their workplace work. They are exposed to risks each time they go for an remote places trip.

People going on remote places business journeys for various reasons, such as:

– attending commercial enterprise meetings / seminars / workshops,
– imparting educational papers / giving lectures,
– taking part in alternate missions / exhibitions / cultural presentations,
– signing agreements / memorandum of understandings (MOUs),
– accumulating materials for articles or books,
– participating in students’ trade programs,
– function Hajj or Umrah, etc.

The writer, being a conventional traveler, tries to list down as many types of risks as possible that are probably to be faced by an overseas’ traveler. It can be classified into 5 parts, namely early preparation; at the airport; whilst in the host u . s . & personal safety; motel safety; and return journey.

Travelers bear in idea that security precautions are tight at the airports and motels and as a result they need to study to take wise and prudent precautions when traveling. Readers need to also take observe that ideas given right here are not exhaustive, they are supposed to be used only as a guide and protection visiting hints derived from other sources additionally be considered.

Early preparation

Based on writer’s very own experience, there are not many dangers worried right here except for a cautious preparation. This will usually include: a passport; two-way flight reservation; motel reservation; host country’s visa requirement; currency; any required vaccination; and journey insurance.

The passport is viewed as your very own life. It is additionally the most frequently used record every time you travel. It is used for the duration of visa application, check-in counter at the airports, immigration & customs counters, check-in counter at the hotel, cashing of travelers cheques (if applicable), etc.

In terms of packing, it is up to an individual’s taste. However, the golden rule to observe is – continually travel light. Petty thieves and pickpockets love to exploit or prey on tired travelers careworn with heavy luggage. Other protection reminders when packing: pack your baggage yourself; lock your check-in luggage, so that nothing can be put in or taken out; use plain-looking luggage, (designer, fancy or expensive-looking luggage attracts interest of workable snatchers); use baggage tag and place some other one interior the luggage; remove ancient airline destination tags; and lift the gorgeous clothes.

For these carrying a notebook, always test first the type of plug the host united states of america is using – it can be British three-pin, European two-pin round, American two-pin flat or others. If in doubt, convey alongside an worldwide adapter. To keep away from attracting attention, travelers are prompted to place their notebooks in non-notebook bags.

Perhaps you may additionally additionally favor to convey along practical supply of medicinal drug for frequent illnesses, such as fever, diarrhoea, cough, cold, etc. One remaining reminder, do not elevate any sharp object, inflammable objects and check-in at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.

It is to your gain if your enterprise has a neighborhood contact to take care of you whilst you are in the host country.

At the airport

Business vacationers need to be aware of following security & safety precautions: chorus from carrying luggage or programs for others; by no means go away your bags unattended at the airport, even in perceived protected place, e.g. Golden lounge; usually elevate your cabin luggage with you when getting off from the plane for the duration of a stopover or transit flight; avoid speaking about your office work, motive of travel, accommodation, itinerary, etc. with strangers. If you want to put down your luggage, region them in between your legs.

While in the host usa & private safety

After finishing all disembarkation formalities, the first issue to do is to wait for the check-in luggage, if any. The luggage claim vicinity is generally located just at once after the immigration counter. Upon amassing the luggage, test suitable if there is any sign of it being tampered with. Somebody who is working in the airport complicated may have tried to tamper with passengers’ belongings, perhaps at random. If this takes place to your luggage, file to safety desk immediately.

Before leaving the airport, call your nearby contact if you have one. It is really helpful to alternate some money into local currency. You may additionally need to pay for the taxi fare from airport to the inn in local currency. At some places, however, you can also use the provider of one of the professional taxi corporation counters and the fare is charged to your lodge bill.

Travelers can also prefer to take note that in some countries, U.S. Dollars is viewed as a commodity. Tampering of notes will affect the value of exchange rate. The exchange fee may additionally range according to notes consignment – higher notes invoice commands a higher change rate.

If your enterprise assembly will be held outside your hotel, book the hotel’s taxi for your transportation needs. It may additionally be a bit extra expensive, but it is safer. Always go out in pairs, on every occasion possible. In many cities, taxis are reliable, however, get geared up with some small trade as many taxi drivers do not have it. Small change can also be effortlessly used as a tip, if you feel like giving it for the precise service rendered.

As a reminder, it is ordinary for a building’s protection personnel to request for your ID in change for a visitor’s pass. You might also give any shape of ID, but in no way your passport.

To minimise private dangers while touring overseas, it is advised that you follow easy tips as follows: inform or register with your country’s High Commission; inform or register with Country/Area Manager’s Office (applicable to certain multinational firms having offices overseas); maintain a low profile and do not show-off; do now not display cash or jewellery in public; raise cellular smartphone at all times; study now not to have faith just anybody; as a lot as possible, try to appear like locals, e.g. dressing; analyze to damage from routine; do no longer get caught in local’s civil strife – remain indoors; do now not drive, consequently street accident can be avoided; if arrested, contact your High Commission right away for assistance; use shoulder wallet to maintain your passport, plane ticket, cash, etc; in no way get concerned with drugs; avoid going out on my own and decrease time spent on the streets; ladies should not stroll alone on the streets to avoid useless harassment; and beware of criminals who pose as plainclothes police personnel in order to rob overseas tourists.

Other useful touring suggestions include: preserve both arms free; maintain passport, plane ticket and cash on you at all times; make photocopies of passport and airplane ticket, but maintain them one after the other from the originals; be cautious about using your maps as they painting that you are a foreigner or a tourist; keep blood type identity in your purse / wallet, if available; vicinity cell cellphone properly, for theft is frequent in sure countries; suggest to bring along passport-size photographs; avoid shopping for too many pricey objects the usage of deposit cards. Always test the amount on the deposit card income purchase slip earlier than signing; eat solely cooked meals and drink bottled consuming water or bottled mineral water; carry a signalling device, e.g. a whistle with neck cord; practise the use of nearby public telephone, if possible; learn to divide placing precious items you are carrying; do now not take delivery of food or drink from strangers – they may additionally be drugged; and when ordering bottled or canned liquid, make certain that it is opened solely in the front of your eyes.

Hotel safety

In beefing up security, hotels in positive countries installation metallic detector arch or are the use of hand-held kind steel detector to screen friends as nicely as visitors.

As a protection precaution all through your lodge check-in, request for a room that is located now not greater than the sixth floor, if available. It is easier to escape all through an emergency, e.g. fire. Travelers should be security aware that rooms on decrease flooring supply effortless get entry to for burglars or intruders. During check-in, region your luggage in front of you.

After check-in, carry your personal luggage to your room. Women travelers who arrive late at night time can also desire to request a bell boy or porter to carry the baggage direct to the room, with you accompanying him. When you first enter your inn room, take a look at the room fully (in the bathroom, connecting door, in the back of the curtain, in the closet, etc.) to make sure that the room is sincerely empty and protected before closing the door.

To limit or minimize risks whilst staying at the hotel, the following do’s and don’ts are useful: choose a newly constructed hotel. Surely the administration had established the state-of-the-art protection devices available in the market; take a look at the region of furnace exit and staircase, etc. It is useful when you want to move out or evacuate quickly for the duration of an emergency, e.g. fire, bomb threat, terrorist attack, earthquake, etc. Remember that the lift is out of service all through an emergency; for an greater safety of you and your valuables, reflect onconsideration on using a rubber wedge or door stopper that you typically use at home; continually have a torch mild with greater batteries – to be used when electrical energy supply is cut off. Some resorts provide a torch light, commonly placed in the closet; confirm callers before opening the door; display “Do Not Disturb” signal on the door; test with the hotel if tap water can be used for drinking. In positive countries, you cannot drink the tap water, even after boiling it for it may additionally upset your stomach. Boil the furnished mineral water to make drinks; region your belongings at one or two places only. It is easier to pack them once more have to you need to pass out quickly, e.g. in case of emergency; to avoid hotel theft, preserve all assets below locked when going out from the room; and if you have scheduled your assembly in the identical inn the place you are staying, it is to your gain to test the place of the room first at your earliest convenience.

Return journey

For protection reason, it is safer to tour direct from your hotel to the airport. Travelers have to format ahead as to when to depart the hotel for site visitors stipulations in sure cities are unpredictable.
Departing passengers are required to fill in the Embarkation Card. They are also required to pay for airport tax, if this is no longer included as section of airplane ticket fare.
Again, do now not lift any sharp object, inflammable objects and check-in at least three hours before departure.

Always keep in mind that travel protection starts with you.

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